We are

Carola Sebastian Knieps und Achim Knieps - 

Owner of the wine house. Hotel. Restaurant Sebastian 1520 in Rech

We both come from gastronomer families and thus our professions were put into our cradle. We have both trained as chefs, Carola has also completed her training as hotel manager and worked in renowned hotels such as the Steigenberger, Holiday Inn and Excelsior Hotel Ernst in Cologne. In 1980 she took over the parental business (at that time still Weinhaus K. Sebastian) from her parents. 

Achim Knieps trained as a chef at the Hotel Astoria in Bad Neuenahr in 1980 and after employment in large and small businesses, he started as a chef at the Weinhaus K. Sebastian in 1996.  

In 2000 we took over the restaurant "Bahnsteig 1" in Mayschoss, which we ran for 10 years. In  2010 we moved back to Rech. 

We renovated the parental house from scratch, both the rooms and the restaurant were modernized, the house got a new coat of paint and also a new name: Sebastian 1520.

Achim is the chef of the house and conjures with a lot of passion the finest dishes from regional ingredients.  Carola is the good "fairy godmother" of the house, she manages the hotel and takes care of the guests in the hotel and restaurant.  

Our profession is also our vocation. We love what we do and run our hotel with love and passion. In a long tradition we care about the our guests! We want you to feel at home with us, to enjoy your time away from everyday life and stress to the fullest not missing anything, whether you want a good night's sleep in our modern, quiet and cozy rooms or some culinary delight in our restaurant. 

Our quality promise

Quality and regionality are our top priorities. We buy our food from regional producers and do not use any finished products, additives or preservatives. All dishes are freshly prepared, broths and stocks are prepared by the chef himself and Carola's jams are homemade. 

Environmental awareness is a top priority for us

We also see it as our responsibility to treat the planet and the environment as best we can. Wherever possible, we do not use plastic or disposable packaging. Therefore also on the disposable slippers for our hotel guests, as beautiful as these are, ecologically they are no longer justifiable. There are no more small disposable shower gels & Co., instead we also use refill containers and we buy our drinks only in glass bottles.